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    Black bars on DN2820FYKH


      I connected my DN2820 via an HDMI2VGA Adapter to my 4:3 Monitor running a resolution of 1280x1024 (Windows 7, 64 bit). The graphic engine of my nuc puts black bars on the left and right side, so i can't fill the hole monitor. The display also is not perfectly sharp. The name of the VGA-Adapter displayed in intel software is "Digitales Fernsehen LONTIUM". I switched to 4:3 setup, however in preview the graphic driver displays those black bars too. Where is the fault? Thanks in advance for all of your help.

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          Additional info: picture also appears a liitle bit horizontally compressed ...

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            hi there


            A hdmi2vga adapter transforms digital video data to an analog signal this process needs calculation and is not as easy to do than hdmi2dvi for example. The hdmi input recognizes your adapter as hdmi display in 16:9 than your adapter calculates a analog 16:9 signal witch is send to your 4:3 display so its absolutely normal that you see black bars. Try to set you display output from your NUC to 4:3 if possible. But what you are trying to do is really not a good idea. I bet your display also supports DVI so use hdmi2dvi. If not your display is too old get a new one.