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    Intel S5000XVN Memory issue - board hangs while scaling to 32 gi's of memory


      I have the Intel S5000XVN motherboard and have gotten great use out of it for several years as my vmware server.


      I recently decided to double my memory on this board from 16 gigs of memory to 32 gigs of memory - basically populating every memory slot with identical 4GB fully buffered kingston memory.


      Matter of fact the additionally 16 gigs of memory cost me 500 bucks and now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have just started over with a new mb.


      Here is the issue:


      Once I populate the memory out to 32 gigs the systems boots up and runs for about ten minutes and then it freezes hard.


      I have the bios logging enabled and I'm getting very odd internal error 8110 on processor #1 and error 8111 on processor #2.


      And to make matter worse, if I take out two modules to where the mb is only running at 24 gigs of memory I have no issues what so ever.


      I uploaded the latest bios firmware last year and I can see there is no change in the bios upgrade options.


      The memory modules are all identical, all Kingston, all buffered and all very expensive.


      Is the motherboard overheating? Out of ideas here.....I have the mb loaded into a white box server box, not an intel server box and I'm wondering if the issue is thermal. I have two huge expensive heat sinks on the processors and have had no problems with this mb other than adding memory. Of course the kingston memory I'm using has clearly been tested by Intel.