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    "No, Be afraid of RAID. Be VERY afraid!"


      I have been running 4 (four) D54250WYKH.  Setup RAID function with intel mSATA and 2.5" intel ssd. Works fine for a while. And then! Slowly corrupts OS install. Then when i try a fresh re-install, get all kinds of weirdness, "an error has occurred and install cannot continue," blah blah blah. I rolled back to a standard linear setup, with the 2.5" as the backup to the mSATA. Using Window Server Backup applet. Not a lick of trouble. Bottom line: don't use the RAID! It's defective. Intel, if you are listening, I have fully tested four NUCs. All have RAID issue. And I will be attaching screens to support my findings. Anyone else have this issue? Please weigh in!