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    D54250WYKH Cannot power up


      Hi, my Intel NUC D54250WYKH cannot power up after pressing the blue power button. It happened after my NUC was hanged and I have to off the main power switch and restart. After I reconnected the power, I cannot power up using the blue power button on the top of the NUC. I had checked the incoming power with the multimeter and found there is 19V current coming in. I also checked the power connector next to the power input connector which is on the motherboard. There is 19V current on that connector. I had tried power up using wake on LAN and also shorting the red color pin on the header next to the internal USB header but not working. I also tried remocing the jumper for the BIOS reset but still cannot power up. Below is the detail of my NUC :


      Model : D54250WYKH

      RAM : Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600 Mhz 1.35V KAC-MEMKL/KVR16LS x 2

      HDD : SSD 2.5" Trancend 256 GB SSD370 SATA 3