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    Question : Problems getting HDMI output to work


      Good afternoon everyone. I'm hoping someone with a lot more knowledge that me (not hard) can help.

      Firstly, you'll have to excuse my incredibly basic knowledge of all things PC.


      My problem is as follows :


      I've got a PC running Windows 7. It has an Intel HD Graphics 2000 inbuilt graphics card.


      I have been running a monitor through the VGA port with no problem at all.


      I have purchased another monitor and would like to also connect it so I can have a split display.


      I have connected the new monitor to the HDMI port and the PC can 'see' it as it knows it's there and knows the model number.


      I 'think' i've sorted the settings correct in the Control Panel.


      ...... The problem i'm getting is i'm getting no picture to the monitor that's connected via the HDMI port.
      Is there something i've missed or not doing right or is it the case that I can't run dual monitors on this graphics card ?


      Thanks in advance for any help.