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    Galileo Device Cannot Start


      I have a Galileo Gen 2.

      After forcing the driver installation of the Galileo driver, I get an error saying the device cannot start & I cant continue.


      I am following the instructions on Galileo Getting Started - Windows.

      Note: The note on the instruction says "NOTE: You might get an error regarding a problem installing drivers - you can ignore this error."

      What can be done?


      Galileo Device Problem.png

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          Hi RandomClown,


          I'm worried about the phrase: After forcing the driver installation of the Galileo driver… I'd recommend you to do all the process again. As far as I know, the note in the instructions is referring to when you connect the Galileo Board, and Windows immediately tries to install the drivers automatically. At least for me, that was the only error that showed up.


          Go ahead and try to re install the drivers from the Arduino-1.5.3 folder and let us know what were the results. Have a nice day!




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            Hi RandomClown

            Was the previous suggestion helpful? If you still have questions please let us know so that we may continue to assist you.