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    Intel HD 4600 display issue


      Machine information:

      Laptop MSI G70 PE2 Dominator Pro

      OS Win 8.1 64-bit

      Driver version

      Graphic card GTX 880M with integrated HD 4600 using Nvidia Optimus

      Integrated monitor CMO1720 - CHIMEI INNOLUX N173HGE-L11 Overview - Panelook.com



      Intel HD 4600 is used as default graphic card in OS, and whenever a 3D application is executed - Nvidia Optimus enables the secondary GPU (in this case GTX 880M).

      This is working as intended.


      The case:

      As the integrated HD 4600 is the primary graphic card used in OS, the display settings enabled by this card will be the default display settings enabled inside 3D applications.

      Meaning - You will not be able to select a display setting (resolution + refresh rate) inside a 3D application that is not enabled in OS. This is critical for you to understand before continuing reading.


      The issue:

      Intel HD drivers also offer software to manage the display adapter - taking the control away from Nvidia panel. In this software there is the possibility to add a custom resolution.

      However - adding any resolution will fail due to "The custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity". You will not be able to add any new custom resolutions at all, you may however overwrite existing ones.


      My requirement/question:

      Nvidia powered cards have the option to add custom resolutions + refreshrates that is not supported by the default monitor.
      Doing so - a user can achieve higher refresh rates. This is critical for you to understand before continuing reading.


      Currently I have no options to add a custom resolution + refreshrate with the Intel HD tool. Failing to do so leaves me with less display options to choose from inside 3D applications.


      I need to be able to add custom resolutions and refreshrates that is not supported by default monitor (as you can do with the nvidia panel).


      Is your software currently "working as intended"? Currently I am frustrated on the whole Nvidia Optimus setup as I am dependent on the Intel HD 4600 GPU.

      If I where able to turn Optimus of and bypass the HD 4600 (like Alienware laptops can) I would be able to make changes in the Nvidia tool without problems - but as Intel HD suplies their own software to configure the GPU I am now in a position where I will not be able to enter a custom resolution for a higher refreshrate -> which is a show stopper for a gaming laptop.


      Final words:

      Earlier feedback to clients experiencing this issue in the forum - your tech's have requested they send in their report generated from the software tool. They have then gotten the response that their display does not support anything above x HZ - thus the software is working as intended (more or less). This is wrong however - you should be able to add resolutions and refreshrates that is not supported by the monitor (as you can with the Nvidia tool) -> thus being able to "Clock" your monitor for extra performance. But currently I am not able to add anything - not even withing the scope of the supported values due to "The custom resolution exceeds the maximum bandwidth capacity".

      What are your thoughts on the above?

      Thank you for your time and help!


      Best regards



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          Hi Victor


          Have you tried to set the custom resolution using the Intel HD Graphics Panel? Right click desktop, click Graphics Properties, click Display Tile, click Display drop down, click Custom Resolutions.


          Caution is needed here though. Setting custom modes may not make the monitor capable of higher resolutions/refresh rates and you will still be limited by the max speed of the hardware clocks in the display engine and also by system memory bandwidth. So a desired mode may not work due to these limiting factors.







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            Hello Robert,

            Thanks for your reply- however as stated in my text above - I have tried this but the operation fails due to the memory bandwith. Meaning - I can not add any custom resolutions. I am only able to att already available resolutions (overwriting them) which is of no use to me.


            Best regards



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              I am beginning to think that the Intel chipset does not support over 60hz - thus nvidia optimus users are screwed.


              Alienware have the option to disable optimus (fn+f7) hence only use their discrete GPU -> example Nvidia gpu.


              Care to validate or disapprove my statement regarding intel chipset 60hz cap on integrated monitor?


              HDMI out runs on discrete GPU FYI (if you want to verify possible custom resolutions)


              / Victor

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                I don't suppose you've gotten any resolution?  I obviously don't see any here, but perhaps you have come up with something on your own?  It seems to me that this issue has stumped the Intel techs, making them get silent.  I've been struggling with this Optimus issue as well... I wish I'd have known more details about Intel graphics and Optimus before I bought this laptop.  You're right... Nvidia optimus users seem to be screwed.