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    Board MSI or Asus?




      In your opinion what is the best brand of board to operate with the Intel CPU? MSI or Asus?


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          William Schneider Volkweis

          Depends heavily on the choice of processor, total memory, use etc.

          by brand both are good, but if you're building a pc gamer asus is still the best in my opinion

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            From a hardware perspective, I prefer MSI and ASRock because of their solid capacitors.  From a device driver perspective, I prefer MSI because its website is the easiest to find device drivers (Intel had the best support for boards, but it no longer makes them).  Asus sometimes deletes old product pages.  So my recommendation is for MSI.

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              Hmm ... think I'll stay by Asus. This pc will be working for 12 hours a day to open pdf, office and print actions. So far the asus board never gave me trouble.



              I liked the detail of the capacitors solids from MSI, very good.



              Thank you for your help