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    How update Open GL


      I am trying to install a program and got an error message.

      This program requires Open GL 3.2 or later.

      Your system is running Open GL 3.1.0 - Build on Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 from Intel.

      This program will not work on your system.



      I managed to update the graphic driver but i still got the same message.

      How can I get open GL 3.2 or later ?

      Thank You in advance



        • 2. Re: How update Open GL

          Yes I have, it doesn't help. I opened 3D and checked both checkboxes. Any other idea ?



          • 3. Re: How update Open GL
            William Schneider Volkweis

            download PC wizard and takes a screenshot of the graphics tab please


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              Thank you for your support William, much appreciated.

              I suspect my card doesn't support OPen GL 3.2. can it be so?


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                William Schneider Volkweis

                Intel HD 2000 already has support openGL 3.1, so 3000 should supposedly have support for a greater version of openGL, what it is not the case ...

                this board was apparently enhanced the directX over the previous which was 10.1 and the HD 3000 is DirectX 11


                Sorry I can not help you

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                  I read the following in another forum at


                  Re: intel hd 3000 support of openGL...

                  Of course the chip can run 3.2. All the 3.x line is is DX10, and Intel HD-class hardware is DX10-capable.

                  This is just Intel not bothering with proper GL support, nothing more.



                  So Thank You Intel !! :-(

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                    Hello PeterE,


                    The Intel® HD Graphics 2000/3000 supports OpenGL version up to 3.1. Here you can confirm this information:





                    This is based on the hardware of the computer so If you need to have OpenGL 3.2 or higher it may be necessary to replace the processor platform to 3rd generation (2500/4000) or higher.


                    I am sorry to give bad news.


                    Kevin M

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                      hello, can i ask i use Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family can i update my opengl to 3.2? i still use version 2.1

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                        Hello kurogane3793,


                        I regret to say that this is the latest version of OpenGL this controller can use. It cannot go higher because of hardware and software limitations.


                        Kevin M

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                          Intel HD 3000 supports up to opengl 3.3. (OS linux and OS X driver)

                          Intel HD 3000 can support up to OpenCL 1.2 (OS linux driver)


                          Please prepare updated driver to support the above features on winodws 7, 8, 8.1 x64. Intel should not recommend to upgrade laptop. Intel should support their products and their customers.  The tables can be updated by updating the driver Kevin_Intel. If Kevin_Intel does not provide support, I will stop buying intel products.


                          Thanks for your support..... NOOOOOOOOOOT

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                            Hello, palmiris:


                            Sure, I understand what you are saying and your situation, let me provide you with some additional information about this, here you can find an article that has the supported graphics APIs and features for Intel® HD Graphics.


                            Supported Graphics APIs and Features for Graphics Drivers


                            Please check "2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors" that have Intel® HD Graphics 3000, the graphics we are talking about in this thread.


                            As kevin_intel was saying, this is a hardware and software limitation which would restrict the support for newer technologies.


                            Indeed newer processors would support higher revisions of OpenGL (3rd generation or higher).


                            I am sorry for being the guy with the bad news.



                            Esteban C

                            • 12. Re: How update Open GL

                              Hello, and thanks for your response. Your answer is becoming a repetition of intel strategy to phase out intel hd 3000 driver support.

                              2 point I wish for further discussion.


                              Cpu: i7-2640m (IGD intel hd 3000) Operating System: Windows 8.0 x64


                              1. Intel OpenCL 1.2 can be added. You just have to provide an updated runtime SDK openCL compatible x64 runtime driver. Currently intel hd 3000 windows driver has OpenCL 1.1 support (CPU). This API (OpenCL 1.2) support has already been added to linux and OS X driver..

                              2. DirectX 10.1 supports upto OpenGL 3.3. You just have to add this support to the driver part too. 3.x support means that it can support upto 3.3. Intel has to add this supprt on its windows driver. Only some driver extensions are missing (on windows). This API support, with all opengl 3.3. extension, has already been added to OS X and linux driver.


                              There are no hardware or software limitations for the 2 points above. The only limitation is the Intel windows driver support.

                              Mr Estban C I think you have to reconsider your reply and provide to me the least a better answer.


                              To add a few more words. I dont see any benefit from this forum. If you (as an intel represenative) tell me to go and read the tables issued by intel then what is the point of having support. I want 2 additional feasible features to be added on intel HD 3000 2nd gen mobile processor driver.


                              I am asking for wddm 1.3 you say no. I am asking for windows 10 widi you say no. I am asking for opengl 3.3 you say no I am asking for openCL 1.2 you say no.


                              This is just to prove to you that whatever we suggest on intel hd 3000 driver part you say NO. You just decided to say NOOOOOOO for intel hd 3000 driver development. Is this a wrong comment??? I dont think so.


                              What is the best interest of intel regarding intel HD 3000 driver support??????????  Is it to avoid driver development cost????????????


                              If you objective is to save in the short run development cost by phasing out intel hd 3000 support and by answering negatively to all customers feasible needs then the result will be to loose many intel loyal customers.  Reconcider your reply as I think the 2 points are feasible. You should have provided these APIs support already, without me having to ask for them. It was your obligation.

                              A disatisfied customer

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                                Kevin_Intel, intel hd 3000 cpu 2nd gen processors, do support openGL 3.3 here is the proof.

                                Screenshot from 2016-02-10 19-09-59.png

                                I have installed ubuntu just to proof the experts from intel that intel hd 3000 2nd gen processors do support openGL 3.3 in hardware. So please support us. I have an i7-2640m. You have to stop disappointing your customers. Please update the intel hd 3000 driver with openGL 3.3 support.

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                                  Since there is no hardware limitation, will Intel development team produce an intel hd 3000 driver with openGL 3.3 support for windows??? I need an answer from the openGL development team if you will support your clients and Intel HD 3000 IGP 2nd gen CPUs.


                                  Your previous answer was based on misleading information. Is Intel employing staff to support client needs or to push clients away from Intel by providing wrong Information, was it to avoid driver support/development??? Are you refusing to support 2nd gen CPUs???. I have one more year support since I have an i7-2640m.


                                  Is Intel dead or alive.?? please wake up and support your clients. Did I buy a good product with a bad service??? Because support is giving a bad service to me and all Intel HD 3000 clients.

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