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    DN2820FYKH wake from S5 with remote


      Hi dear NUC community


      I ordered a DN2820FYKH for HTPC perpose. I installed a 60GB SSD and 4 gigs of ram. Beside the thermal trip error everything works fine. I have a old Zotac MCE Remote wich works out of the box with OPENELEC. I can even shutdown the NUC with it. The only thing i couldnt get to work is the wake up from cold (S5 state). I have read all the post in this Forum about it i even installed windows 7 and windows 8.1 like suggested in some posts, loaded the driver but still no wake up from S5. I think i did something wrong in the BIOS can someone tell mi the exact settings for wake up by remote? By the way dear Intel this BIOS is a complete mess. I updated to BIOS Version 39.

      If someone got the wake up from S5 to work, can you please tell me your BIOS Version, Your exact Remote your using, and wich BIOS Settings you have.



      Thanks to all reply and thoughts