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      I have D945GCLF2D-Board, BIOS version is LF94510J.86A.0099.

      A few days ago Intel Integrator Assistant proposed to update the BIOS to new version (0229), I clicked "yes", and the process began.

      My computer was restarted, showed the message on black screen (something like "Checksum error...")  and hanged.

      I turned it off, and after turning on it just shows "E9" postcode in right bottom corner, and does nothing.

      I can enter BIOS in maintenance mode and even in normal mode by pressing F2 key before "E9" message appears.

      But system doesn't start anyway!

      In normal BIOS mode, if i choose "exit without save", i can see "Setup entry key detected" message, but system still hanged.


      I removed BIOS configuration jumper and tried BIOS Recovery with CD (both 0229 and 0099 versions), but it didnot work. (only black screen and nothing else, no any message, just power led blinking (I have waited 10-15 minutes)).

      I have removed battery and waited 30 minutes or more, nothing changed.


      Is it possible to do something else with it? Are there any way to recover BIOS?

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          I had a similiar problem and I was only able to resolve it by removing all but the bare essential hardware needed to boot to OS. If i remember correctly, I then removed the jumper and entered the BIOS restoring default settings (F9 I think) and then exiting setup with save. Don't know if this will help at all, I didn't attempt a BIOS flash though (current BIOS version is 0140).