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    Minimizing power-on to sketch runtime


      I'm working as a mentor for a local high school FIRST Robotics (FRC) team and we want to use the Galileo boards to control the LEDs on our robot.  We had previously used Arduino Unos for this task and were able to use them out-of-the-box.


      The problem we're seeing is that there is a long latency between when power is provided to the platform and when the sketch actually starts running.  One of the constraints of this application is that we want to start controlling the LEDs as soon as the robot's power source is connected.


      Are there any ways to get a sketch to near-immediately begin running when power is applied?  We don't necessarily need the capabilities of Linux in this application since we're just controlling LEDs.  Is it possible to run a Galileo with either a much leaner Linux distro or without one entirely?