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    Edison Mini-BreakOut Board Documentation Woes...


      Firstly, love the Edison form factor and capabilities thus far... but I really hope to see the documentation improve so that a real community can for around this platform. On to my question(s).


      Since I've struggled to get the information I need from the provided hw guide for the mini-breakout board I've compiled a few questions that I hope someone more knowledgeable than I can answer and have this serve as documentation for the next person:



      1. What do the two LEDs on the mini-breakout board indicate?

      2. Is the J21 header used for VIN? if so, which pin is positive

      3. What is the J1 Jumper used for? clearing it seems to cause one of the LEDs to go out though I have no idea what that LED indicates.

      4. What is the J2 jumper used for?

      5. The documentation mentions the mini-breakout board as a Lipo charger but again, I couldn't find any documentation on where to connect a battery vs a charging source.


      Sorry if some of these questions have obvious answers that I missed.