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    smbfs/cifs/nfs support on edison?


      In order to improve usability and increase productivity and development time, I'd suggest you guys add in support for smb/cifs/nfs into the default yocto build if it's not too much trouble.

      I don't really see any detriment to doing so, as there is little to no impact, if you choose not to configure and use it.


      We can always add this in ourselves, as developers, but it's a lot of work, for something I figure a lot of people use every day.

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          Hi Daveman,


          Thank you for your suggestion, we will pass your feedback to the team that builds the image.



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            I just got my Edison today. I have to say that this little guy is impressive. The lack of documentation from Intel, however, is not. Daveman is right. There is currently no way I can see to transfer files over the network with the default Edison image. I think CIFS, NFS, and FTP should be available right away. Also, I noticed some annoying things right out of the box. The comm port for the initial setup sometimes requires hitting a key twice for it to register in the shell. configure_edison --setup doesn't work as described. configure_edison --wifi did not detect any of the two access points in my house on the first try. It worked on the second pass. Trying to access the web page at the Edison's IP address has no result. What's it running? Lighttpd, or full apache? I have to admit I'm a bit frightened about trying to connect anything to this board because I have no idea how I'm going to develop kernel drivers for a board that has no schematics, no datasheet for the CPU, and zero user instructions. What Yocto image am I supposed to use? I have no use for the Arduino side in my current application. Is there any way to shut down the Quark MCU so it's not wasting power? I also forgot to mention, I bought two of these boogers by mistake, from Mouser. I thought one part number was the Edison board itself, and the other was the breakout board. I got one lonely Edison board, then another with the breakout board and the microscopic nuts to bolt it down. I'm hoping I'll be able to use the second board when I figure out how to use everything.


            Sorry for complaining so much

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              You can transfer files to the Edison using scp.  Adding NFS shouldn't be too difficult I wouldn't imagine.


              As for the configuration issues.  I think most if not all of them have been fixed in the latest firmware.  I built the firmware from the source distribution, so I'm not sure it's the same as the latest released version.  Configuration management is another thing that could use more documentation...


              I'm not sure what you need schematics for.  The drivers for all the internal hardware is provided, and the external interfaces are all standard (SPI, I2C, etc), but it sounds like you don't need those.  Having more information on the Quark would be very nice, and they've promised it by the end of the year.


              I would feel much more comfortable with a more standard (Debian/Ubuntu) based distribution, which I'm (slowly) working on.  A lack of documentation on e.g. the exact boot sequence and recovery procedure (I asked about where the DFU interface resides) make me a bit cautious about jumping in with both feet.