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    Windows 7 installation - DP35DP AHCI or Raid driver does not work



      I have the DP35DP MB and I've been trying to install windows 7 in the past 10 hours.


      IT allways get stuck in the part where you usually on windows XP installation, would have to click F6 and put the Sata driver.


      I updated my bios to the latest version that is available -


      I downloaded the and had setup on Disc on key + On a seperate hd partition the Intel® Matrix Storage Technology (RAID) driver version for Intel® Desktop Boards.


      which is the latest version.


      In Bios I've set the HD type one time to AHCI , one time to RAID .

      In both i encounted same problem.

      when getting to the part where its looking for the driver, I set it to the right PATH and finds the driver


      for AHCI for example its ICH9R  Sata Controller.


      It finds it and say's it fits, but when choosing it loads for a while and eventually it said that the device could not be installed, and to try and contact my vendor.


      Mobo is DP35DP

      This is the latest Bios Version

      Latest Matrix Drivers

      and the RTM version of windows 7.


      What am I doing wrong?