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    BSOD on resuming from hibernate


      I have been noticing crashes every week or two on resuming my computer from hibernation.  The blue screen said it was ndis.sys but I ran it through windbg and found that the faulty driver is actually Intel’s netwbw02.sys (bugcheck "!analyze -v" in windbg attached to this post).  I did notice that I’m on and the newest version is 17.1.0, so I will upgrade.  However, I wanted to send it over in case it is an existing issue that isn’t fixed in the new version.

      I have a dump and driver files that I would like to send to someone at Intel, if you can contact me.  I worked directly with someone a few months ago in troubleshooting a different issue but they seem to be no longer at the company.  I don't want to post a link publicly in case the dump callstacks contain anything sensitive.