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    Downloaded new graphics driver, now things don't work. Please help.


      Hello there, this is my first post on this forum and I am by no means a tech-wiz so please bear with me.


      My Windows Action Center alerted me that there was a problem with my graphics driver so I requested it to update. I got the error message that my computer did not meet the minimum requirements for the upgrade.


      I went to intel's homepage and tried finding the driver update manually by following the instructions listed here (Graphics Drivers — How to manually find Intel® Graphics Drivers)


      I found that I have:

      - Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600

      - 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

      - Windows 8.1


      I therefore downloaded this driver Intel® Download Center (the top one) and allowed my laptop to restart upon completion.


      After starting back up I tried entering the game Diablo III Reaper of Souls, which ran just fine prior to the installation but I now get the error message " Graphics Error - click to retry creating D3D device".


      My laptop has both a high-performance NVIDIA processor and an integrated Intel processor, I have tried running it in both but get the same error either way.


      I also tried to revert to the previous driver as suggested here (Graphics Drivers — Intel® Graphics Driver Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)) but the roll-back button was grayed out so I guess it didn't retain the files of the previous driver.


      Basically, I'm lost. Like I said I'm no tech-expert and I honestly didn't expect the update to cause such trouble and would really just like things to go back to how they were before but I don't know what my previous driver was called so I can't even just reinstall it.


      If someone could give me suggestions as to how I might solve this problem in relatively simple terms that would be much appreciated.

      Please do let me know if you need any more information on my specs.


      Thank you very much in advance