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    Quark MCU


      I saw a blog post on Sparkfun (that appears to have subsequently been removed) that the Edison SOM includes a Quark MCU that is currently not used, but there is plans to enable it in the future.  I'm not sure what this means, since all he I/O pins are already used.  My only guess would be that some of the I/O pins are actually connected to the MCU, and the MCU firmware(?) is not currently user programmable, but might be in the future.


      Could someone provide more insight into this if this is true?  I'm currently designing a custom board that adds an MCU, primarily to get more PWM (like) inputs/outputs.  If it might be possible to control some more of the GPIO pins from an on-board MCU, this might not be necessary.

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          I agree, details on this part of the board would be handy, a block diagram with actual connection details would be nice.

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            Hi faceplant,


            In fact the Edison has a Quark MCU as part of its SoC but right now the Quark isn't activated. At the end of the year there is going to be a second release of the software for the Edison and, the Quark will be active. Check the Product Brief to see the details about the SoC: Edison Product Brief


            Have a nice day!




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              I had seen that before, but that still doesn't answer my question (also raised by amarchini) about exactly how the Quark is connected and what it will mean for developers when the "Quark will be active."  A block diagram of some sort would be really useful for planning purposes.  I would hate to spend a couple months designing and prototyping an interface board that will be made obsolete by a software/firmware update.

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                Does the Quark MCU use a part of the 1GB memory of Atom processor or does it have its own memory?

                It would be great to let a sketch communicate with the Linux side within a common memory region, is it possible?

                And if, can i find a description somewhere?


                Regards and thanks for any information.

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                  I would expect more details coming with the planned release?

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                    Ok, I hope you are right.

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                      Hello DiegoV_Intel,


                      Do you have any news about the Quark core? I couldn't find any updates in the documents folder related to the Quark core.




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                        Hi Taimoor,


                        For the moment there are no updates about it. New documentation will be published when the new release is available.


                        Keep monitoring the Community. Thank you for being patient.




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                          Hi Intel,


                          I think the question is : WHEN new release will be available ?




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                            Hi Diego,


                            Thanks for your response. Is there a specific date for the MCU SDK release? If not, will there be a webpage or document we can check back on every so often to know its status?





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                              Frederick Blais

                              I was doing some research on the MCU SDK planned to launch mid 4Q. At several places I saw the mention of a version of VxWorks:


                              • "The software running on the smaller Quark is a new ViperOS real-time operating system (RTOS), developed from Wind River’s (another Intel subsidiary) VxWorks RTOS"
                              • "The Quark will not run Linux, as it does on Intel's Galileo hacker boards, but rather a new "ViperOS" real-time operating system derived from the VxWorks RTOS platform provided by Intel subsidiary Wind River."


                              Screenshot from 2015-01-28 21:31:21.png


                              I guess that software development for Quark on the Edison will be really similar to development for the new Curie module.

                              ViperOS looks like Intel response to ARM's mbed OS : mbed | welcome

                              Linux is probably overkill for simple wearable devices and that running a smaller RTOS enable platforms with lower power/lower cost/lower performance SOC. (Quark/Cortex-M)


                              I would like to know your opinion about developing for the Quark with an RTOS. Are you enthusiastic about it or you would prefer plain C?

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                                So, any news about the MCU? It's already way past end of the year, but there's still no information about the MCU. When the MCU SDK will be released?

                                We were planning to make a product based on Intel Edison that requires MCU for a small real-time task, but the lack of information from Intel is stopping us.

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                                  I find it very interesting that in the new R2 release, there's an enabled kernel parameter called INTEL_MCU, which is described as "Intel Generic MCU Control Interface", as well as three tty entries in /dev, being ttymcu0, ttymcu1 and ttymcu2. There's also an intel_mcu.bin in the /etc/firmware directory.

                                  Now what all this means is anybody's guess...

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                                    David_J_Hunt you have good eyes

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