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    Dual-band 7260-AC disconnects when Bluetooth is turned on.


      I've been having a hell of a time with my ASUS Q550LF which came with the 7260 OEM. I've narrowed down the problem to the simple fact that I cannot connect to any wireless network when bluetooth is active.  I've performed the following steps:


      1. I have reloaded the OS from the recovery partition,
      2. I have reverted to the Generic Windows drivers... no joy,
      3. I have reverted to the ASUS drivers published on their website... no joy,
      4. I have installed the latest drivers from the Intel driver site... no joy.


      I'm reasonably convinced there's not a hardware issue though, because for a brief period, the wireless and bluetooth can connect, but within a minute or so, the connection is lost.


      Please tell me there's a driver update or configuration I can try to get this issue resolved.  I'd really like to use my bluetooth mouse (MS Sculpt, if that helps) with my laptop.