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      Sorry for my english, i will try to explain my problem.


      I have checked a huge difference of temperature core on the processor 3610QM from my laptop







      i join another picture for you could check it.


      This difference of core temperature affect my fan, who run everytime on idle and when i do nothing.


      This 20°c difference of temperature its normal ?

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          Hi Starnust,


          Let me help you with this.


          Please note that all cores of the processor work independently. This means that depending on the workload based on internal algorithms the processor will decide what core to use and for what function so it is completely normal and expected to see the temperature or the workload are different on each core.


          Kevin M

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            I will add 2 things :


            ==> The temperature showed on the pics, its at start of the computer, after a reinstal of windows with 0 processus in background active. And the temperature start to 60°c and start to lauch fan.

            Do you think its a normal comportement, to start at 60°c wiheout any activity ?


            ==> Second things, a friend witht the same laptop than me, exactly the same! in all component, get his 4x core at the same temperature around 3 °c. Dont you think my processor, so what about this ? can u explain that ?

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              With a fresh installation of the Operating System should not be very normal so there are some troubleshooting steps you can try.

              Check this link:



              Here you will find more information:



              If after doing these steps issue persists, I recommend you contacting your Computer Manufacture for them to check the unit and provide warranty if necessary.


              Kevin M