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    How to keep USB hard drive off?


      Hi everybody,


      I got myself a NUC DN2820FYKH as media player last week-end. Installation of internal SSD and memory was a breeze, as was BIOS update to the latest version from the web site. OpenELEC installation gave me some trouble but now seems to work nicely.


      As media storage I use an external USB drive, Seagate Expansion Drive which also works nicely. Except, when I plug in the USB drive in the powered-off NUC, the drive starts spinning - which is pretty annoying, since I have to do that every time after I copy media from another computer to the disk. Same behavior at front or back USB connections.

      Is there any way to completely shut off the USB connections when the NUC is powered down or in sleep mode? I tried to find a respective option in the BIOS but couldn't find any.


      Sorry if this was discussed before, my search didn't bring anything up. If it was I'd appreciate a pointer.


      Just for completeness, the external drive spins down just fine when it is connected while the NUC is powered down.


      Thank you for help with is.