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    possible usb driver problem


      earlier last week l was having a few issues which hopefully have been sorted out but bsod dumps revealed problems with my my wireless and usb drivers or at least thats what l was told by a member at sevenforums.


      l did update the drivers for my wireless with compatible ones from ralink which seemed to stabilize my connection, basically put l havent been getting the timeout issues ld been receiving before and l also updated my drivers to ones provided on the site of my motherboard [ GA-Z87-D3HP] manufacturer (this system is a new build, less than 2 weeks old).


      however the problem lm having is finding updated drivers, the ones on the intel download support seem to be older than the ones l have installed (the version is can someone link me to compatible drivers because windows says the ones l currently have are the most up to date ones, the usb drivers are the only thing l can think of that might be causing me wireless issues given they were mentioned in the bsod information l shared over on sevenforums.