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    How to recover Edison firmware


      Is there a way to recover Edison root password?


      Also I've also tried to replicate the firmware recovery instruction below but to no avail.

      -How do I monitor if Edison has entered into the firmware recovery mode? ("screen /dev/cu.usbserialxxxx 115200 -L" ?)

      -Where's the UMIP header?

      -How to "send new image over USB"


      From the document "Intel Edison Kit for Arduino":

      SW1UI3 and SW1UI4 are used to recover an Edison that has a corrupted software image. Powering off Edison and

      then pressing FWR_RCVR and then applying power will cause Edison to go to firmware recovery mode. Edison will

      be ready to receive a new image over USB. Two recovery modes are available depending on the state of the

      SW1UI4 when power is applied.

      During boot, If FWR_RCVR is high (button FW pressed), the processor attempts to load the firmware from flash

      from the location specified in the UMIP header. During boot, if FWR_RCVR is high (button FW pressed) and

      RCVR_MODE is low (button RM pressed), the processor attempts to download from USB-B port, regardless of the

      UMIP header.


      thank you in advance

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