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    Intel(R) AMT Error ???


      I recently opend up my laptop (hp - Compaq 8510w) to clean it. after the cleaning i tried to start the laptop but it is stuck at the point where I can choose for normal windows start up or safe windows start up. I can choose one of the options but after loading the files it is always returning to that same screen.

      Even before i get the screen where i can choose, it is showing some text:


      Intel(R) management Engine BIOS Extension v2.5.18.0000

      Copyright(C) 2003-07 Intel Corporation. All rights Reserved.


      Intel(R) AMT enabled - Firmware version

      Intel(R) AMT not configured

      Inventory Update


      Field Replaceable Unit List:

               Intel(R) AMT Table Valid


      Media List:

                Intel(R) AMT Table Valid


      SMBIOS Table:

                Intel(R) AMT Table Valid


      ASF Table:

      Intel(R) AMT Error - Aborting


      Does anyone knows what this error means and if there is any solution for it?

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          Hello Thice, thanks a lot for posting your inquire at Intel communities.


          The post screen you get with the information about Intel® Management Engine BIOS and Intel® Active Management Technology is normal and expected in systems that contain these layers.


          Since the AMT is not configured in your computer the ASF will report the error, and this is expected as well but it has nothing to do with your problem loading Windows.


          The ASF is a DMTF (Distributed Management Task Force) standard for remote monitoring, management and control of computer systems in both OS-present and OS-absent environments. This will be functional once the AMT is configured according to your needs.


          To learn about Intel® vPro™ Technology and Intel® Active Management Technology visit the following links:



          The behavior you are experiencing with Windows has to do, possibly, with system files that are not loading, reason why it takes you to the Windows Advanced Menu. This situation happens when important system files were deleted or a serious Windows registry change has been done affecting a startup service or process.


          You might want to try the option for “Last Known good configuration” to try booting up the last functioning check point. If this doesn't work then try entering in "Safe mode". If it enters Save mode then try to run a "System Restore" to the last check point created by Windows.