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    i7 4770k running hot.


      The i7 4770k I purchased is running a bit hot for me when at 100% usage.

      When compressing videos in Virtualdub I notice the temps are around 74-76C on some of the cores.

      These are around the same temps I get with Prime95.

      I've tried Intel Burn Test and Aida64 for testing my CPU and those bumped it to 92C.


      Keep in mind I am using one of the best CPU heatsink air coolers on the market (Noctua NH-D14).

      This is with only 1.2v on the CPU. If I used the heatsink included in the box it would easily run 15-20C hotter.


      What I am asking is if it's possible to RMA my CPU for this reason?

      When looking up the info on the box it says my Warranty lasts until August 2017.

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          Hello RyviusRan, I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with this system.


          I have seen this behavior before and sometimes it is cause by the memory.

          Some recommendation I could give are the following:


          • Add more thermal paste or renew the one you have. You can also add more fans internally on the case to extract the heat.
          • We provide an application that is called Intel® Processor Diagnostics Tool. You can run this application and it will diagnose the processor components and will generate a result. I suggest you running this in to discard any possible issues with the processor (hardware).
            • Please use minimum configuration while running this test. You can get this from the following link:


          The following link will provide more information about the Processors — Processor operation temperature FAQ   


          If the issue persisted please contact our warranty team or submit a web ticket to request an RMA for this processor if it is still under warranty https://servicerequestmgmt.intel.com/webticketui/emailpage.aspx?lang=en-us