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    Intel NUC drivers will not download


      I have not been able to download any drivers for the Intel D54250WYK NUC.  I get to the final step of accepting the rights to download the file and it gives a message that the download has started and goes back a page.  No downloads start.   Popup blocker disabled.  Tried IE/FF/Chrome.  Tried multiple PCs, friend has tried from his work place as well as my own.  No luck!  Can someone please look into this?




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          I contacted technical support by chat this morning.  It took so long to get a chat operator, I called in.  Phone support confirmed they were aware of the problem.  They recommended that I try back again "in a few hours".  Just as the phone call ended, a chat operator finally connected.  He confirmed that they were aware of the problem, but he couldn't send any direct links through chat, and he couldn't offer any alternatives either.


          I don't understand why fixing broken downloads could take hours.  It's probably the same reason support is so slow.



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            I am sorry for the inconvenience.

            It seems to be working now.