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    Cannot enter BIOS on my new NUC


      Much like the spotted owl, I know for certain that my BIOS exists, yet I have never seen it. I cannot, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, get into the BIOS on this machine. I was able to install Ubuntu, but then I messed up the grub, so I want to enter the BIOS to reformat it and reinstall. No dice. Cant F2 in. Cant boot without the ssd in place. Can't boot to another usb to install windows onto the ssd. Cannot enter the BIOS. Have spent an entire day just trying to get into the hihly top-secret, super special BIOS on this brand new machine. Some people talk about what monitor is connected. Well, for the record, it's hooked straight up to a Seiki uhdtv via HDMI. -but seriously, why should that matter? It a monitor, people.


      Not even sure what to try next.