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    Using real-time clock that has Intel Galileo


      Hi, I have a question regarding the real-time clock that has Intel Galileo. If I put a battery in the "coin port" I can take this time base for a sketch. My idea is to make a solar tracker, then I require to have the real time, to make a scan of the position of the sun and positioning the solar cell where the most amount of energy emitted by the sun


      The first thing I do, I position the servo to 0 ° and take the reading adc with "Ambient Light Sensor Breakout - TEMT6000" ,get to work the servo from 0 ° to 180 ° and acquire the value of the ADC, thus this is where the highest concentration solar energy and therefore the position of the servo.
      This sent her to another position which has the sevo sollar cell.
      Intel Galileo has a real time clock, and has a port for connecting coin cell .

      This real-time clock can be used in a sketch? to get a real measure.

      in this way to make the servo every minute, and thus position the solar cell where the most concentrated solar enegia


      and I'm using  Adafruit 16-channel PWM / Servo Shield