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    IR NUC DN2820 help me please


      I've got Windows 8.1 installed on my NUC and cannot get my XBOX remote to do anything in windows, but when I had OpenELEC installed worked flawlessly. Any idea why that is? I've got the latest drives for Win 8.1 installed.

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          Assuming that you got the IR device driver installed from the Intel download center, and that what you are trying to do with the remote is something like controlling Windows Media Center (which is not built-in to Windows 8.x but purchased via "Add features to Windows 8.1").

          There is a registry entry in Windows which must be changed if you are using the XBOX media remote, which is ID 8.  I won't give the registry detail here but should be easy to search for on web (has nothing to do with NUC - it is similar for Windows 7 etc).  After editing the registry to the 0 (universal) or 8 (Xbox) setting and rebooting, Windows should then accept that IR.

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            Thanks for the feedback, I am sure it will be helpful for other Xbox users