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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - Intel HD 5000 Driver Update Problem


      Hello guys,


      I just signed up to post about a problem I've got with my new Surface device regarding Intel Graphics drivers.


      I looked up a lot on the Internet and tried every method I could find, like manually installing, completely uninstall, etc. - yet it seems like nothing works for me.



      The current version installed on my Surface Pro 3 (i7-4650U) with Intel HD 5000 is while seems to be the latest one.

      I noticed when uninstalling the driver once I ended up on a 9.x.x.x version and then after trying to install the latest one with the 15.36.x.x setup, I again ended up with the 10.18.x.x version.


      Is the Surface kind of restricted by Microsoft regarding latest Intel Graphics drivers or is there any solve for me?


      Thanks for your help