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    mechanical footprint details


      Hi sir,Yes, I am aware of the pin name to ball number tables in the Quark data sheet. These are a great start but do not actually give too much more information than can be seen by looking at the Quark schematic symbol in the Galileo board schematic.


      Obviously for a CAD system implementation of the Quark onto a PC board it is essentlal to have both the other important pieces of information regarding each pad - the pad numbers on the package drawing and the X / Y coodinate of each pad relative to some specified referece point.


      On some BGA packages the rows and columns follow a regular pattern that can be specified with a simple label on the package drawing that specifies Row A, Row B etc and Col 1, Col 2 etc. And then just a couple of dimensions on the same drawing can specify the pad locations. The Quark on the other hand uses a very irregular pattern. Dimensions are anything but regular. There is no concept of uniform rows and columns of pad locations and on Quark many of the RowCol callouts for pads do not even exist. There is not even a pin A1 for that matter.


      What this means is there needs to be a spreadsheet or text file table that specifies each of the following for each Quark Ball.


      BallNumber / BallName / BallXCoord / BallYCoord.


      Along with that it is needed to specify some known point on the package as the reference point for the Ball coordinate system.