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    Software feedback:  Intel XTU - Window Timer Resolution flaw


      Hey, I'm using Intel XTU and I found a flaw in the software, whenever I have the software open, even on idle, it keeps my timer set and raised to 1ms until I close the software, therefore causing a waste in power and potentially speed when the software is simply open, I see no point in having the software use a 1ms timer if all it does is update information every 1 second.


      My idea is to only call TimeBeginPeriod once a stress tester or benchmark has been initialized, and call TimeEndPeriod once the benchmark/stresser is done, that way it's not unneededly keeping a raised timer resolution for no reason when the software is actually idle.  (I find it a little ironic that a piece of software meant to tweak and monitor hardware for peak performance and efficiency has a efficiency flaw in itself)


      Thanks !