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    Does DH87RL motherboard supports i5 4690 processor?




      I Thought of purchasing DB85FL with i5 4570. But unfortunately, the shop didn't had any stock and gave me DH87RL motherboard and i5 4690 processor.


      After assembly, I'm not able to see the Bios screen or any thing in the screen. I got struck and need Help ASAP. I want to know whether this MB supports this processor. Also are the below mentioned components are compatible with each other? Thanks in advance for your time and support!


      MB - DH87RL

      Processor - i5 4690

      Memory - Corsair Vengeance DDR3 4GB RAM.

      PSU - Cooler Master Extream 600W

      Keyboard & Mouse - Logitech wireless MK270

      Monitor - Samsung HD monitor connected through HDMI