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    hd4400 win7 64 driver diablo3 gfx corruption


      After installing driver on win7 64 bit with hd4400 there is gfx corruption in diablo 3.

      Rolled back to 3621 and the issue was resolved. Please fix for next version update.


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          Hi bohse9hd, thank for reporting this issue.


          Would it be possible to elaborate what kind of corruption you see in the game?

          Perhaps you may be able to include a screenshot, the steps to reproduce the issue, the system model, Intel® HD Graphics report and DxDiag report (press Windows* key + R key, type “dxdiag”, press OK and then click “Save All Information”).


          You can attach the reports with the advanced editor when replying.


          If possible, make sure you have installed all game patches as well as Windows* and BIOS up to date.