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    Intel Core I7 290 overheating?


      My computer, approximately two weeks old now, has shown some temperature readings above the suggested operating termperatures I've heard.  I have installed additional case fans, but the stock heatsink and fan is still in place.  Once I noticed the temperatures were high, I removed the heat sink and replaced the thermal grease with Arctic 5.  This reduced the temperatures approximately 5C, but as you can see in the picture, they are still quite high.  TJMax was set at 100C.

      Temp Test.jpg

      I have not experienced a computer shutdown due to the temperature, though I am worried about it, and the possibility of damaging hardware.  What would you reccommend?  A 3rd party heatsink perhaps?  The computer idles at 45C, and I can play games at  75C, which seems just fine.  However, when not directly using the computer, I usually leave it on to run the Folding@Home program (simulated protein folding to battle deseases).  This program taxes the CPU at 50-100% usage, and the cooling system is not keeping up.

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          What is your clock speed & voltage....

          I hope these temps are not stock 2.66GHZ...


          How much Thermal Paste did you use.

          And I do not suggest using the Intel stock heatsink with an overclocked CPU.


          Check your BIOS and see what clocks you are running. Without the proper cooling & configuration you could damage something.

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            Stock 2.66Ghz I'm afraid, I've never attempted overclocking and have no desire to.  Other computer specs are shown here.



            I'll hold off on the folding until I get this straightened out.  First time I tried to reseat the heatsink, I had read several warnings about not using too much thermal grease, so I ended up using too little with a patch-work job on the CPU.  When temps still rose very high, I cleaned off the CPU again, this time reapplying a thin, even coat, covering the entire CPU.  This dropped the temps 5C, but as you can see they are still blistering hot, and at stock no less.  I have done very little with BIOS so if you could give me a lead on how to get the information I need off of it, I'd appreciate it.

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              Pick up  Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 for Intel LGA 1366 4 Dual Heat-Pipe 120 mm SSO Bearing Quiet CPU Cooler


              I paid $79 Amazon.

              Solved my own high temps and now mostly 33-36*C, and I was having higher than acceptable.

              And I don't OC.


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                The temperature of your cpu is fine no need to panic as you see intel stock cooler which

                comes with the intel cpu sucks. you should get a third party cooler from CoolerMaster

                or Crosshair. They are worth the purchase.


                Even if the temperature of a cpu heats up to 90c its ok but 100c is not

                it will not damage the computer, it will just reboot the system.


                I have tested on my pc when i was trying to overclock it