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    Intel 530 SSD, Centos and Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Laptop?


      I removed the harddisk and the DVD drive in my ThinkPad T61 and replaced each with an Intel 530 SSD drive operating under Centos 6.5. Unfortunately, the SSD that replaced the DVD drive is most often /not/ recognized when booting the computer, even after updating the firmware on both SSDs to DC32. To get around this, I have to repeatedly coldboot or warmboot the computer until this drive is recognized. Once recognized, the system runs like a charm.


      The laptop has the Middleton BIOS which allows the SSD replacing the harddisk to operate at SATA-II speed. Centos 6.5 has received all current updates.


      Are there still bugs related to recognizing the SSD in DC32?