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    Strange Intel Galileo / Ubuntu issue - not sure what happened but I can no longer upload sketches.


      Long story short I'm using the Galileo with the Yocto image on the SD card. I always load the "blink" sketch when I'm done playing with it as it's an easy way to see when it finishes booting the next time I plug it in.

      So today I take it out, plug it in, it starts blinking, I connect the USB cord for a serial connection, wait until I can see /dev/ttyACM0 on Ubuntu. Everything is normal to this point.

      Next I go to upload a new sketch, everything in the IDE looks right (it completed uploading successfully, no error message)...but the LED is still blinking.

      I try restarting the sketch, still blinking. I try rebooting the Galileo, still blinking. I try reuploading my new sketch, no errors, still blinking.

      I restart the Galileo without the SD card, it shows up on Ubuntu (ttyACM0), but since there is no SD card there is no sketch running. I try uploading the blink sketch, the IDE says it uploaded successfully, but the LED isn't blinking.

      tl;dr: My PC is recognizing the Galileo normally. The IDE is saying that it is successfully uploading my sketches, but nothing actually uploads.

      So yeah, any suggestions? It's driving me nuts since I'm not getting any error messages. If I was getting an error I'd at least have something to work with, but since the IDE says everything is A-OK I have no idea what could be wrong.

      Thanks in advance for any ideas! Please share any thoughts on this because as of right now I'm at a total loss.