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    Intel NUC D4250WYKH ISSUES


      @Intel, could you please check if this is reproducible also on your system? My setup is the following: Intel NUC-->miniDP-VGA-adapter-->VGA monitor

      The adapter is an Apple MB572Z (Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.)

      Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 710v (max resolution: 1280x1024)


      On BIOS ver. 0028 whenever I press F2 the monitor screen turns black and I cannot access the BIOS, CTRL+ALT+CANC doesn't work, I must press down the power button to shut off the system.

      This doesn't happen at all in 0027.

      However in 0027 when I change the "Visual BIOS Settings" e.g. change the theme of the BIOS interface or enable/disable the Page Transitions it seems that the BIOS doesn't retain the changes between reboots.


      I really need the NUC working.


      Intel, could you please verify and fix those issues?


      Thank you very much!


      Sorry for my bad english.