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    Excluding PROset/wireless and PROset/Bluetooth software from installation


      Well, I really hate to install anything more than drivers on my system. That's why each time I choose "custom" installation process and want to install as little data as possible. Unfortunately I can't really do that with wireless PROSet/Wireless nad PROSet/Bluetooth installation packages.


      For PROSet/Wireless, I'm excluding the enterprise software package, but it installs some sort of application on my system anyway. I can access it via Control Panel / Intel PRoSet/Wireless Tools. An item appears in my "Programs and Features" module under the name "Intel(R) PROset/Wireless software". Are those tools really necessary and is there a way NOT to install them? I haven't found any option to untick during installation process...


      Similar question refers to PROSet/Bluetooth - in this case the setup doesn't even allow to select installation packages but install everything what's included by default. Even though I can't see any BT configuration options in my system (i.e. in Control Panel or in Programs), there is an entry in "Programs and Features" called "Intel(R) PROset/Wireless software for bluetooth technology (patch version xxxxx)". Again I don't really need any extra software for BT, is it necessary to have it?


      My guess is that by saying "software" Intel means mostly "drivers", but I'm not sure that's correct.


      I know for PROSet/Wireless I can download drivers only (using Intel's page), but the problem is that I'm using a Dell laptop and Dell's support is very strict about using only drivers downloaded from their page. Unfortunately they offer only "full" packages, including both drivers and software.