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    Intel NUC D54250WKY Random startups since updating to BIOS 0.28


      I have run openELEC on my intel NUC i5 for the last year with the IR commands in the autostart.sh and Bios 0.25 without any issues at all. Foolishly I upgraded the Bios to 0.28 and I had to remove the IR commands from the autostart.sh for the Microsoft MCE remote to work. I have tried downgrading to 0.25 bios again but as other users on the XBMC & openELEC forums have said it seems to be a perminent IR fix but causes the NUC to randomly startup for no apparent reason.

      I come in from work and the NUC has started up with no user input. Once every few days its happening.

      I never had this issue with Bios 0.25 but a lot of users have had this issue with 0.27 and 0.28. I can try and downgrade to 0.25 but will this cure my problem or create even more.

      Its becoming tiresome having to check my NUC everyday after work.

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          I can't add anything to this, but can only backup random startup issues on this model since upgrading the bios. The difference is I am running Windows 7 and even though the NUC has been fully shutdown, I can check on it after a period of time and all of a sudden it's turned itself on. All BIOS settings related to powering it on independently for any reason whatsoever have been disabled. Just like Andy above, my next step will be to downgrade to an earlier bios in hopes of that fixing the problem, but first I wanted to get anyone from INTEL support to acknowledge the issue or at least look into it. Like I said, never had a problem before; now with a BIOS update, it's a recurring problem. I've actually left it on standby as it seems to be more stable when it comes to not turning itself on. At least with standby, it's only drawing a small amount of power, but it's not turning itself on ( or at least I don't think it's coming out of standby, then going back into standby ). Any help would be appreciated. If noone at Intel wants to comment, then I'll just take the initiative and revert back to BIOS Ver .25 and see what's what.

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            I noticed this (unexpected startups since recent BIOS update), and I have tracked my situation down to the fact that the NUC now powers on when the PAUSE key on IR remote is pressed.

            It is frustrating to me.  For many years the "standard" for RC6 IR seemed to be that the IR power button would only power up from "sleep" (not from "off"), and it would honor the specified remote number (RC6 remotes can be assigned IDs such as 1 or 8).  But the NUC powers up from the IR power button (and the IR Pause button) even from the "off" state, and there does not seem to be any way to limit the ID number (such as 1 or 8) nor to disable such power up.  So someone with an RC6 remote can create havoc in a room with NUCs.

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              This was never a problem with BIOS 0.25 and the IR commands in the autostart.sh for openelec. It has become more of a problem as they try and allow the use of the Xbox remote. If you are using that I can imagine it would cause major issues. It makes no odds to me. Yes my pause button turns it on as well now but I don't use an Xbox remote as well. What I need is a way to downgrade to 0.25 and wipe the BIOS completely as it seems to be a permanent IR fix. Can anyone at intel tell me how to remove the IR fix that was implemented when I done the 0.28 BIOS update so I can revert back to 0.25.

              I leave my NUC turned off and once every few days its turned back on with no input from me as I have been at work.

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                So I rolled back to 0.25, I also had to add the IR commands to the autostart.sh in openelec. Works fine apart from I can't power on from the remote control anymore. This is no good to me so Im going to have to find out if I can reset the NUC back to the default BIOS and erase these permanent settings that 0.28 made to my system.

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                  So after searching the forums it seems like pulling the cmos battery causes problems with the IR working. So I can either stay on 0.25 with openelec and the IR command in my autostart.sh and power the NUC on with the power switch, or go back to 0.28, remove the IR commands from the autostart.sh, (Not that I need to do this) and put up with the NUC starting itself up whenever it feels like it. WOL in my NUC is set to stay off so its not this affecting it.

                  Come on Intel sort this out. Its been nearly a year now and I was happy on 0.25. I shouldn't have upgraded but I thought it may add other features that were no in 0.25. My mistake in trusting them to sort it out.

                  And they need to stop the pause button from powering on the NUC. Imagine if I was using an xbox remote to watch films on my xbox. Not good enough in my opinion. Perhaps they will comment on this post, when they get time.