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    D34010WYK miniDP-VGA screen flickering


      When I connect any device through minidisplayport-to-VGA adapter that screen flickers when content is refreshing - if there is static picture (i.e. desktop) everything is fine.


      I thought OK, chinese noname adapter causes this, so I went and bought genuine Apple miniDP-to-VGA adapter and problem is here.


      What I have tried to determine/solve this problem:


      - I have now 3 adapters - chinese noname, Apple and Blitz (marked as supported for NUC here on Intel web) one

      - I have 7 different VGA cables (shielded/unshielded, different lenghts, gold plated contacts,..)

      - I have two same NUCs (same model, same amount of RAM, same SSD, same BIOS config) - both units are using latest BIOS and drivers

      - I have 3 different monitors and one projector


      I tried all possible combinations with both NUC devices and everytime screen was flickering BUT I when I use one of these adapters to connect my rMBP (Early 2013) to monitor/projector everything runs as expected - no flickering.


      I found here on Intel forums that some NUCs had problems with screen flickering on HDMI output - this was solved by new BIOS.


      From what I tried, I found that has to be NUC issue, maybe HW, maybe SW. What the heck, so I took one NUC and went to store, send it to service and they gave new one (however no issue was found) - same problem, screen flickers!


      So this has to be BIOS issue, right?


      Has anyone same issues?


      Please Intel, investigate and fix this. It`s pretty annoying.

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          Hello senel,


          I am sorry you are having this problem with the product but let me help you.


          We strongly recommend users using direct connection (no adapters) so I would like to know if you have tested the NUC with direct connection to the monitor?

          Check the tested peripherals here:



          Can you also attach the dxdiag report here?

          How to get it?

          Dxdiag Report: Type dxdiag in Start Menu> open> Save> Attach using Advanced Editor Options.

          Kevin M

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            Hello Kevin,


            Direct connection works fine without any issues. However there are some situation where VGA is only option. For me it`s projector. When I found that image is flickering on projector I tried to connect monitors too to determine if it`s projector or NUC issue. From everything I tried I found out that this has to be NUC (BIOS or graphics) issue because everything works fine on Mac, in Bootcamp too.


            I purposely bought Bizlink adapter (MDPVGA) which si marked as supported and I have same issues as with Apple`s and chinese one.


            DxDiag is attached.

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              If your NUC model was equipped with HDMI or DP, then you will need to use straight video cables, in other words, same end on both sides of the cable. Please bear in mind that, the usage of converters, adapters, dongles, etc. will prevent the NUC multi monitor feature from working correctly. From our side, the integrated graphics controller and the drivers are working correctly when using straight cables.


              Kevin M