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    D54250WYKH Wakes Up from Hibernation Randomly


      First of all, sorry for my simple English.


      I have a D54250WYKH with BIOS 28 and running Windows 8.1

      My problem is, NUC wakes up from hibernation randomly. Sometimes in 20 minutes, sometimes in 50 minutes. But usually in 15 to 20 minutes.

      My only wake up trigger is Intel AC 7260 Wifi adapter. powercfg.exe confirms that. No RTC alarm setup in BIOS also.

      I've tried everything (both BIOS and Windows settings) what I read from several forums but nothing has worked.

      Even disconnected all USB things from the NUC but didn't work. Just power cable connected NUC woke up in 15 minutes.

      And I tried that turn off the router completely but the NUC woke up again.

      Is this a common problem or just me?