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    Bug: Display problems after resume from standby or screen off



      BIOS Version/Date Intel Corp. WYLPT10H.86A.0028.2014.0814.1906, 8/14/2014

      Windows 8.1 Pro x64, all updates from Windows Update

      Primary display: Dell P2714T (DisplayPort) Dell 27 Touch Monitor - P2714T

      Secondary display: HP w2558hc (HDMI) Product Specifications | HP® Support

      Latest drivers/BIOS as of 9/2/14



      Symptom A: The monitor on the HDMI connection will not display anything immediately.  It's about a 3s delay after the DP monitor is already up.  I hear the Windows Device Arrival notification sound when the Secondary display finally shows my desktop, and the screen on the Primary display momentarily flashes.


      Symptom B: The windows that were open on the Primary display are moved over to the Secondary display.


      Scenarios where this issue has been seen:

      1) After resume from S3

      2) When displays wake up after being turned off (default in the Balanced power plan is for displays to turn off after 10m of the PC being idle)


      These problems do not repro 100% of the time.


      I searched back through about 10 pages of posts here and didn't see anything that sounded similar.  Is it just me?