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    Intel HD 4000 Screen brightness problem


      I have an ASUS N56VZ laptop running windows 8.1 x64, with the Intel HD 4000 graphics processor and a few days ago I encountered some problems with the screen brightness.

      After I have logged out or put my computer to sleep, the brightness will go down to the lowest setting even though all my settings are set for it to stay at the brightest.

      I've tried the following:


      - The Fn-buttons to adjust brightness do not work (the bar popping up on the upper left side of the screen says "100" even though it clearly isn't at 100%.

      - Adjusting brightness in "Power options" in the Control Panel, using the "slider" has no effect on screen brightness.

      - Adjusting brightness in the "Advanced power settings" has no effect on screen brightness.

      - No difference between "on battery" use or connected to the grid.
      - Rolling back the driver did not help.


      The only thing I can do to restore the brightness is to go to Device Manager and disable and re-enable the driver for Intel HD Graphics 4000.

      It seems it happened after I installed the latest driver for my integrated NVIDIA Geforce GT 650M, but it might be coincidental. I tried "rolling back" this driver, but that did not help.


      I'm all out of options as of now, and I really don't want to repeatedly disable and re-enable the driver every time the screen "resets".


      Thanks to anyone that might be able to help me.

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          Hello Lashrasch, I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with this system.

          Would you please let me know which driver version did you installed? 

          Are you trying Intel generic drivers or ASUS graphics drivers?


          Bear in mind that we provided generic drivers; therefore sometimes these cannot be installed on OEM systems or the installation of them could overwrite Asus customizations and possibly change the functionality of the graphics.


          Please check this thread for some troubleshooting steps a customer shared https://communities.intel.com/message/237935#237935

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            Hi Sylvia.


            The driver version is

            I used the option "Update Driver Software..." through Device Manager on my computer, by right-clicking the display adapter Intel HD Graphics 4000.

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              Lashrasch, the latest graphics driver available in our site are version 3621.




              Again, our drivers are generic and sometimes these cannot be installed on OEM systems.


              If you are still want to install our drivers, you may try forcing the installation by performing manual procedure, however I cannot assure you they are going to work as expected.

              See here for instructions:   Graphics Drivers — Computer manufacturer graphics driver detected    

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                Did not find the mentioned driver So tried to replicate the issue on 15.36.3377 but in vain.

                Increased the brightness to 100 and pushed the system to sleep/hibernate. When resumed back, the brightness set was persisting.


                Let us know if you are still seeing issue on any latest driver.




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                  Hi Sowmya,
                  The laptop is working fine now. I installed a lot of small updates from Windows Update and it seems like that did the trick.
                  Can't believe I didn't check that option before i complained . Thanks for the replies and your help!

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                    This is why I avoid any laptop with Intel Graphics in it.   While Intel has great processors and I like everything about them, they continue to lose me as a customer with the BIG small things.  Example the HD 4000 Graphics. 


                    my setup p500 touch Lenovo laptop I7 Windows 8.1 64bit


                    my desires, to do WIDI, screen project to my roku, and my Microsoft WIDI adapter.


                    now using Miracast and such on non Intel graphics cards, NO problem.  With Intel I must have the latest and greatest drivers which then proceed to break everything.  I can install the latest driver, then brightness dimming goes away, will work one or two times then quits.  Or, roll back the drivers to an older version and break WIDI which took a small miracle to get working in the first place.   Definitely the driver, as if u go generic or older you can dim and brighten your screen.