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    I Want to get back Visual Bios


      i updated BIOS of Desktop Board DB85FL. to the last version i lost it after i had to format my pc, the main reason of doing that was because i wanted to handle my pc fans and temperature from bios, now i can see the options below the intel sign,  F2 to access setup just show me a black screen and the other option is F7 that one is update bios, i discovered that the version that comes with the fan controller is called Visual Bios, so i got the last Visual Bios i run the installation and is showing me the error: downgrade version is not allowed, and i cant continue, when i purchased my PC it came with Visual Bios so i know  it works in my PC, i tried updating trough flash drive and other solutions that are mentioned but none of them work and are not specific to the problem that im having. I would really apreciate if you can show me a solution for this problem. Thanks