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    Can't connect to Device Information web page


      Well, I have my brand new Edison, hand delivered from IDF14, and I'm working through the Getting Started process.


      So far, everything has gone well. I've been able to:


      • Flash the latest image
      • Upload 'Blink' using the Arduino IDE
      • Connect to the console with the Terminal
      • Run configure_edison and name everything
      • Connect to wifi (really happy that WPA-enterprise works!)
      • Ping the listed IP address
      • SSH into the shell


      But, I have not been able to connect to the Device Information page through a web browser. It just says that it can't connect to the IP – I'm not sure if anything is running on port 80 or not.


      Has anyone run into this yet? Are there any instructions for starting the web server, or troubleshooting from this point?


      BTW, congrats on the launch! Up until now it's been a smooth ride, and I'm looking forward to working with Edison.