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    Ram upgrade to S5500BCR board server / sgl processor with 4 x 2mb ram...


      Hi   Some advice please on the following. I have inherited the above small server and decided that it badly needed an upgrade to 16gb ram from 8gb. I ran the Crucial ram test to ensure the correct ram and installed the new 4 x 4gb Crucial ram (replacing the existing 4 x 2mb sticks / same slots).

      When installed the Windows SBS 2008 My Computer/Properties states 16gb so seems to be seated ok and recognised but the Task Manager still states 8gb and still sluggish ???

      The warning ! light came on the server face upon switching on again after the upgrade but ran ok.

      Do i need to change a setting in the Bios ... or what ???? (You had better advise me please on how i get into the Bios, if required to).

      Thanks in advance for any help on this.