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    Problem with running sketch after boot from SD Card


      Hi, I got the Blink sketch works fine on my Intel Galileo Gen 1 (the led was blinking). However when I booted from SD Card which contains files from LINUX_IMAGE_FOR_SD_Intel_Galileo_v1.0.2.zip, the Blink sketch did not work. For more detail, steps that I have done as follows:


      1. Update the firmware to ver 1.0.0

      2. Copy all files from LINUX_IMAGE_FOR_SD_Intel_Galileo_v1.0.2.zip to my 16 GB SD Card

      3. Insert the SD Card on Intel galileo and powered up

      3. Connect my Ubuntu PC to Intel Galileo through stereo phone jack which connected to RS232-USB converter

      4. On SD Card boot option, I selected "..kernel-MassStorage.." to boot the Intel Galileo from SD Card

      5. I could login to Intel Galileo system from serial terminal and try "ls /media/" command to see if my SD Card was there (mmcblk0p1)

      6. I went to Intel Galileo IDE and uploaded the Blink sketch, the transfer process completed (done uploading), but the led did not blink anymore.


      The serial terminal showed these msg bellow:

      g_serial gadget: high-speed config #1: CDC ACM config

      [   83.403952] ttyGS0: RX not scheduled?

      [   83.407731] ttyGS0: RX not scheduled?

      [   83.408296] ttyGS0: RX not scheduled?

      [   83.408296] ttyGS0: RX not scheduled?

      [   83.408296] ttyGS0: RX not scheduled?


      Please advise me, did I miss something or was it a system bug or else?.

      I need my code to be persistent on my Intel Galileo.


      Thank you in advance for all.