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    system_service_exception on multiple Intel/Nvidia Optimus Laptops using New PG278Q and Mini Displayport to DP 1.2 cable


      I just bought a brand new ASUS PG278Q Monitor, which does 1440p at 144hz.  I was able to successfully get it run run at this resolution (and 144hz) on new MSI Laptops. (these use the GTX 880m and Intel/Nvidia Optimus technology)


      So I have several of these laptops, and the issue I'm having on them all is if, I connect the PG278Q and set it to 144hz, as soon as I reboot I will get a bluescreen error message "system_service_exception" It will just keep doing that in a loop. The only option is to go to the advanced tools when it pops up, reboot, and boot into safe mode for windows 8.1. After that point I have to go to device manager and disable the Intel HD graphics 4600 and also unplug the mini display port to display port cable.  Then the laptops will start into windows and everything is back to normal. (This monitor only has Displayport btw)


      So basically, I have narrowed this down to Nvidia Optimus. Specifically the Intel HD 4600 (definitely not the cable, and I have tried several brands of the mini display port to display port)  I believe what is happening is.. everything works great with the PCs are on and I am using the PG278Q as the primary/only display, it runs 144hz.. BUT after a reboot it must somehow be reverting back to the intel graphics at this 144hz refresh rate and it crashes.  That's my theory at least. These computers are brand new freshly installed, I tried updating both the nvidia and intel drivers to the newest versions. It did not help.


      I have also tried to update the vbios for the 880m via MSI's download section, and the bios, but it did not make a difference. Hopefully this is useful info. I am almost certain someone that buys one of these brand new gsync gaming monitors and wants to use it with a laptop is going to run into this issue. It DOES indeed work with the mini-dp to displayport cable at 144hz, gysnc and all (when you use the display as the only monitor.) It's just rebooting that is the issue due to the HD 4600 it seems


      So as I was saying, I have a feeling this is not just limited to the MSI laptops I have here, but anyone that wants to run via mini-dp to dp on this new monitor via Nvidia Optimus Notebooks.