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    Intel AC 7260-Problem - Bluetooth devices not listed


      Hi there,


      I own a Dell XPS 9530 and running Win7 X64 on it for several reasons. Downloaded the latest WiFi Drivers (17.1.0) and the latest BT 4.0 Drivers (17.1.1406.01) from the Intel Support Website. Now here comes the strange thing - right after the Windows 7 Setup is finished, with no Drivers installed so far, I installed the WiFi and Bluetooth Drivers first and can connect my BT mouse. Then, during some further Progress of installing Lynx Point Chipset Drivers, the Dynamic Platform And Thermal Framework Drivers, MEI, HD Graphics 4600 Drivers and all the hassle, I am not able to list my previously added Bluetooth mouse in the Printers and Devices Windows of the System Control Panel.

      When I have reached this Point my Laptop won't recognize any other device via BT! And nothing appears in the Printers and Devices. My mouse can still connect and I can use it for my work. The Device Manager Looks good, see attachment.


      Are there any solutions for that? I have re-installed the whole System with all applications a few times now to find the exact Point in time where the Problems begin but after days I'm not willing to do what is expected to be delivered for a paid, fully developed and released product anymore! Any help would be awesome and appreciated. Thank you!




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          Muthu Kumar

          Bjson - Could you try 1405 and let me know if it helps?

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            Hello Muthu,


            thanks for the hint. At first I wanted to remove the driver from the Software panel which turned out to be impossible due to missing installation sourcen in the c:\Windows\Installer. This could be because I like to clean up my computer from all Windows Updates after the installation. So I installed again and just checked if anything has changed in the list of Bluetooth devices. I stumbled over the bottom line, saying there are 4 Elements. But they’re not shown:



            Nevertheless, I have removed the “Intel® Wireless Bluetooth®(patch version 17.0.1428.1)” from my installed programs (don’t ask me why version is not corresponding to the version I have downloaded and installed manually before), rebooted and tried to install the BT_17.0.1405.02_s64. I'm getting an error message saying that the currently installed version of "Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth(R) Technology" already is newer than the one I'm trying to install and Setup will be terminated now.

            So I turned off all Wireless connections and removed the following directories:
            C:\Windows\Installer\_{302600C1-6BDF-4FD1-1405-148929CC1385} (BT update stuff)
            C:\Windows\Installer\_{302600C1-6BDF-4FD1-1406-148929CC1385} (BT update stuff in a 2nd folder with the same name)
            C:\Windows\Installer\9aeeb5.msi_Update (ibt*.sys and *.dll's)
            C:\Windows\Installer\47c75.msi_Update (ibt*.exe and .cat files)
            C:\Windows\Installer\a1931.msi_Update (ibt*.exe and .cat files again)


            Now, of course I couldn't remove the Software from the list of installed programs, saying it is missing the sources
            C:\Windows\Installer\_{302600C1-6BDF-4FD1-1406-148929CC1385} again. I manually removed the program from the list of installed programs and checked the registry repairing the missing links (154 of them, using the Wise Reg Cleaner). From that point on the Printers and Devices window showed some devices at least:



            I restarted the computer, turned on WiFi and tried to install BT_17.0.1405.02_s64 again which worked. After shutting down and booting the computer up again, I can use my Bluetooth mouse again without adding it. But nothing else works just the way it was before, so there is no change in the general behavior which prevents new devices to be added to the computer.


            Any other suggestions? I'm wondering why the devices works but is not displayed properly in the Bluetooth Devices and while trying to add to the Computer...



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              Muthu Kumar

              Sorry, no ideas. You could try uninstalling and re-installing again or try to repair the installation using repair option. Looks like you have messed up installation.

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                Hello Bjson,


                Try unplug and plug cycle. Means turn off the laptop, remove the battery and re-install it and have a try, looks work for most 7260 card.



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                  Hello Muthu, Hello Edward,


                  thank you for all your efforts so far. To be honest, I'm very dissatisfied with how the Hardware works or not. I am working as an 3rd Level IT professional for an international company with 10,000+ employees and hopefully can influence future buyings in a way no Intel Hardware (at least regarding WiFi) is bought when things pass my desk asking for my opinion. From my perspective it cannot be that Intel delivers Buggy hardware and this can only be reset by removing the battery. Especially in my case that would mean to open the Computer each time I'm facing a problem. As this is my very personal Computer I cannot Intel Enterprise Support - which other companies using the 7260 Wifi surely did before with no outcome.


                  I hopefully will get around this mess by installing a used 6235 NGFF/M.2-Card I have recently purchased and which is being expected within the next 2-3 weeks. I ran this chipset in my previous Laptop for over 1 and a half years without any flaws.


                  Again, I very much appreciate you guys personal efforts and my bad mood is nothing personally against you! I just can't understand Intel why there is no final solution after all this hassle. Bad vibes, bad Reputation for what ever is inside...




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                    Muthu Kumar

                    Hi Bjon, Sorry that you have issues with the module. I can't help with installation somehow went wrong. Any chance you can re-install Windows or restore to a good restore point? I'll then work with you to resolve the BT issue. I'll check internally if there is a way to perform clean uninstall and re-install without re-installing Windows for resolving the UI issues.

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                      Hello Muthu,


                      to my surprise replacing the AC 7260 with the 6235 didn't work - maybe because the computer was messed up!? So I started with a clean installation again which I wanted to avoid previously. After several installation attempts I couldn't find the reason why the bluetooth device icons didn't show up, no matter which of the WiFi cards was installed. This always happened during the installation of Windows Updates and the driver installation packages. To have customization and other system files replaced those lines are part of my installation scripts:

                      icacls %systemroot%\SysWOW64\oobe\cmisetup.dll /grant Administrator:(F)

                      icacls %userprofile%\Anwendungsdaten /grant Administrator:(F) /t /c


                      After I stopped running these commands from our scripts the installer and the Bluetooth Driver worked fine, icons show up and I am able to add new Bluetooth devices to the computer. But this has worked in the previous versions of the Bluetooth drivers I have used. So there must have been a change in

                      a) how the Intel Driver Installation Package is installing the new files,

                      b) the method the Bluetooth device folder is displaying added or new devices or

                      c) in a recent Microsoft update which causes this.


                      If Intel would revert the changes all should work fine again.